Oceanis Kavala

Kavala, Greece

Giorik has put its name to a new installation at the KAVALA OCEANIS , an imposing 168-room hotel located in the town of Kavala itself, in northern Greece. Set on the slopes of Mount Symvolon, in the ancient region of Thrace, Kavala is home to exquisite architectural ruins, a legacy from the days of the Ottoman empire. The historical centre, which lies at the bottom of the ancient Byzantine fortress, is home to beautifully preserved houses built in traditional Turkish style.

Kavala is a cosmopolitan town. Throughout the centuries, it has seen the meeting of East and West, and to this day the blend of cultures is still apparent, not least in its cuisine. The combination of typically Mediterranean flavours and spicy incursions from nearby Asia make for unique dishes. Needless to say, these are the hallmarks of the food served at the OCEANIS. Now its Chefs will have the guarantee of Giorik’s superior quality equipment at their disposal, making for even more exquisite cuisine. The fitting was carried out by Athens-based company ULTIMATE KITCHEN.