Create your kitchen tailored to your needs

The company’s mission is focused on the research and development of technologically innovative solutions f to be applied to our professional cooking equipment. We take all possible care over the production of each and every one of our products, the cooking processes and, as a consequence, the quality of the food itself.
Gas ranges

Designed for maximum efficiency in the kitchen, guaranteeing high productivity and easy cleaning.

Solid top

The advantage of having differentiated heating areas and an ample cooktop.

Electric cookers

Available with round or square plates, Giorik electric hobs fit seamlessly into any kitchen.

Ceramic glass hobs

The device's rapid set-up is combined with maximum safety.

Induction cookers

Induction gives you the option of rapid cooking with surprising results, combing efficiency and safety.

Fry top

Choose the cooktop, thanks to the availability of different finishes and griddle types.


The revolutionary Giorik grill that takes advantage of water for cooking.

Volcanic rock grills

Cook by making use of the heat released by the lava rock which retains heat and diffuses it evenly.


They harness the heat from boiling water and gently cook or heat the food.


Essential for rapidly cooking large quantities of pasta or small quantities of different types.


With one or two tanks, these fryers are produced with a moulded base and rounded corners.

Bratt pans

Suitable for braising large quantities of food which require slow cooking.

Boiling pans

Designed to meet the needs of both large-scale catering and the food industry.