More than 60 years in the catering business

Giorik Spa is a manufacturing company founded in1963.
The company’s mission is focused on the research and development of technologically innovative solutions for professional catering equipment we produce. We take all possible care in the production of each an d every one of our products, in the cooking processes and consequently in the quality of the food itself.

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If you were wondering why our products are so popular with top chefs round the world, it’s because everyone here at Giorik, and we mean absolutely everyone, shares the same passion for good food. We decided to share this passion with you in

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New PoP recipes

From Warhol to Lichtenstein, pop culture has carved out its own iconic style, making art more accessible to a wider public. This is why we decided to call our new oven “pop”: it isn’t intended exclusively for top restaurants, but

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MovAir comes up

Our most versatile oven to date, MovAir, has recently been upgraded to meet market demands in an increasingly timely manner. What does its versatility consist of? It’s the ideal oven for all your gastronomy and patisserie needs thanks to its

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Together with Restaurama and Coffee, Bakery & Pastry, it will form the largest Spanish trade fair platform with international reach focused on the Ho.Re.Ca channel, with the aim of multiplying synergies and boosting business and training

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Technological innovation

We produce intuitive equipment because we firmly believe in the need to simplify the complex operations that are carried out daily in modern professional kitchens. Our aim is to innovate through the creation of technologically advanced products with a high standard of quality.
The combination of expertise, back-up and assistance is the fundamental proof of the comprehensive service we provide to our customers, not only as manufacturers but also as leading exponents in the professional catering industry.

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