CAFFÈ DELLE ARTI, at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rome

A short walk from one of Rome’s most beautiful parks at Villa Borghese Caffè delle Arti, a time-honoured venue in the Parioli district, is located in a wing of the monumental building housing the National Gallery of Modern Art. The fame of the breakfasts and mouth-watering lunches served precedes them, and can also be enjoyed after a full immersion in art at the adjoining National Gallery. The permanent collection features around 20,000 works including paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations, making it one of the most complete collections of Italian and foreign art produced between the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries. The chefs at Caffè delle Arti have a touch version of the EASY AIR oven, Giorik’s very latest, at their disposal. The fitting was carried out by AG IMPIANTI 97, Giorik’s dealer in the Rome area.

Caffè propaganda / Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna

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