The inventiveness of the company Giorik has developed the revolutionary horizontal cooking line Unika, the perfect fusion of innovation and functionality to meet the diverse needs of professional catering. This line is available in the Unika 700 and Unika 900 versions, electric and gas-powered, with similar technical and design solutions which allow for a great variety of solutions, all covered by the Giorik certification. Interchangeable, efficient and easy to clean: the Unika line is worth of its name. The ranges are made up of several modular elements, all matchable among them, including electric and gas ranges, fry-top plates, bratt pans, pasta cookers, boiling pans, lava stone grills, bain-marie and induction plates. The new GAS HOBS are worth being pointed out: they are extremely flexible as the position of the burners can be changed according to the type of use required, and easy to clean, above all in the version with flush-fitted cast iron or steel racks, in which service operations are made easier by a filling/draining tap drawing from a water tray located under the burners. A new idea has also brought the non-stick treatment applied to the plates of the FRYTOPS and to the tanks of the BRATT PANS, which allows light diet cooking, using small quantities of oil and butter. SLIDE ARMOR XH12, the coating used, makes the surface non-stick for any type of food; it will be resistant to scratches and aggressive cleaning, in compliance with European and US standards on materials for food. To keep foods soft and suitably humid, Unika 900 also presents Aquagrill, a grill system equipped with a tray for water, which is supplied by a filling/draining tap built in the machine. The presence of water significantly reduces smoke during cooking, and prevents unwanted flames caused by the grease melting, ensuring easier cleaning at the end of the cooking cycle. Unika 700 and Unika 900 include a very wide range of gas and electric fryers. The tanks of the gas fryers are available in two versions: with heat exchangers outside or inside the tanks. All models also come in the melting version, with electronic temperature control. All items of the Unika line are available in the HYGIENIC SURFACE version for ease of cleaning. The final layout is designed to answer customers’ individual needs and can be integrated with various accessories including pan-supporting frames, display tops as well as supports for salamanders. Work tops are available in the 20/10 or 30/10 thick version.


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