SEOUL FOOD & HOTEL, 16-19 MAY 2017

SEOUL FOOD & HOTEL, 16-19 MAY 2017


In the wake of its participation in HOFEX Hong Kong, Giorik is now set to attend SEOUL FOOD & HOTEL, the major Ho.Re.Ca fair being held from 16 to 19 May in the South Korean capital. Held at the impressive KINTEX centre, one of the best-known and most attended trade fair centres in all Asia, the event is a high-profile one for professionals in the field, not least due to the outstanding business opportunities available there. South Korea’s annual financial growth rate is at +3%; with a total GDP of 1,370,000 million dollars, the Asian country is the world’s 11th economy (Italy now ranks 8th with a total GDP of 1,815,000 million dollars). As a result this is a strategic appointment for Giorik, and one that is set to help it leave its mark in South East Asia, an area where the Italian company has been laying the foundations for lasting business partnerships for some time now. Giorik will be taking part in the event along with PKE (PRIDE OF KITCHEN EQUIPMENT) of Seoul, its Korean importer.

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Importer: Giorik Korea

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