MAC IMPOR, the Portuguese horeca industry giant, has chosen Giorik as a partner for the supply of professional equipment. Yet again the deciding factor that clinched the deal is the high quality of the Steambox range, the convection/steam ovens that, since their launch just a little over a year ago, have been winning market share with an ever expanding and demanding client base. The Portuguese company MAC IMPOR, founded in 1989, imports and sells the world’s leading brands in the hospitality industry, supplying equipment for washing, refrigeration and catering. What convinced them to switch from their long-established catering equipment supplier to Giorik, was not only the innovative concept of Steambox ovens with their patented combined steam production system (generator + instant), but also the top quality service the company provides and the working practices it adheres to. Before marketing the machines Giorik invites a number of well-known master chefs to the laboratory to test them out personally. The feedback obtained from these sessions makes it possible to further enhance the already high performance of Giorik machines. The tests carried out specifically on Steambox ovens have also enabled to codify precise cooking parameters for the most popular international recipes, pre-programming them into the system that controls and manages the oven’s functions. The quality of the products on offer is immediately clear to potential customers from the increasing practical demonstrations given by Giorik chefs, such as the one carried out at the Lisbon headquarters of Mac Impor, supported by meetings held to discuss the technical and commercial aspects of the deal. Quality of this kind makes all the difference, allowing Giorik to win such a high profile customer, not only for the ovens but also for Unika 700 and 900 ranges.

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