Giorik continues to acquire ever larger market shares of the European market. The company's major investment in developing a winning range of highly competitive products has equipped Giorik to go global, seeking partnerships with the world's leading importers. Little more than a month after signing the agreement in Lisbon with Portuguese giant MAC IMPOR, Greece was the next destination, for a date with the HEINAMI GROUP. Founded in 1963 by Athanasios Georgakopoulos, the Heinami Group is a prime example of creative genius applied to business. The company's initial venture was the import of jukeboxes and slot machines, then Georgakopoulos had the bright idea of turning to dishwashers, marking his entry into the catering world and the first of his many winning ploys. Some years later, when also Greece surrenders to the American fast food model that was revolutionising the whole concept of eating out, Heinami was already all set to put the first combined convection/steam oven on the market. A real novelty for that era, it was 1977, this oven made it possible for Heinami to colonise the kitchens of Greece's most prestigious hotels, backed by a strongly marketing-oriented business approach. Customer support is indeed the company’s real strong point, with product sales backed by training in the use of the equipment, including live demonstrations and cooking workshops aimed at everyone from the humble kitchen worker to the master chef and restaurateur. It is perhaps precisely this shared attitude to customer relations that laid the foundations for the recent agreement signed with Giorik, giving Heinami sole rights to the brand in Greece. Yet another vital factor taken onboard when assessing the potential of this partnership is the direction being taken by the Group, particularly under the new leadership of son Dimitris. Focusing on high-tech, low environmental impact products, the Greek company is the perfect vehicle for Giorik's most state-of-the-art lines, such as the Unika 900 and 700 hobs or the triple-mode Steambox ovens. These products in particular, with their patented systems developed in the Giorik laboratories, make it possible to combine maximum efficiency with intelligent energy use, cutting to the barest minimum consumption of water and power sources. Pictured left to right: Sotiris Georgiadis (Heinami Account Manager Chains&Projects), Massimo Tesser (Giorik Research&Development), Dimitra Patsopoulos (Heinami Design&Decoration Dpt), Dimitri Parissos (Heinami Account Manager Hotels&Restaurants), Dimitris A.. Georgakopoulos (Heinami President&CEO), Paolo Candiago (Giorik President), Alessandro Tonelli (Giorik Executive Sales Director).

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