Efficiency becomes compact with Steambox combined convection/steam ovens

Efficiency becomes compact with Steambox combined convection/steam ovens


Steambox is Giorik’s new generation of combined convection/steam ovens, resulting from the innovation and development research carried out by the company. This range of ovens combines highly technical performances and compact size, suitable for modern kitchens, available in the following capacities: 6 x 1/1 GN, 10 x 1/1 GN, 10 x 2/1 GN, 20 x 1/1 GN, 40 x 1/1 GN. STEAMBOX comes in two versions: the BASIC level, equipped with mechanical controls and Instant mode steam production, and the TOP level, featuring Touchscreen controls and a steam production system, patented by Giorik. Both versions allow for quick cooking times, different for every type of product, with 6 fan speeds and auto reversing fan rotation according to cooking cycle, thanks to an inverter managed by a software developed by Giorik. When door is opened, turbine is rapidly shut off to avoid heat dispersion. Quick cooling takes places at maximum fan speed. Functional features are complemented by construction features focusing on safety, thanks to a cool touch door which allows the user to touch the glass during cooking, and on energy saving, by means of a power regulation system to precisely regulate the temperature. Giorik technological evolution is best portrayed in the TOP version, which features an ingenious patent for steam production, providing the instant system with a new steam generator, thus considerably lowering the operating costs and going beyond the limits of each system. This patent is flanked by another exclusive feature by Giorik: the humidity control system, which allows the user to constantly monitor the temperature inside the cooking chamber and promptly act to always keep the right degree of hydration. This is made possible by a software which analyses the reference parameters in the oven chamber, activating the regulation of steam production or of humidity drain needed to guarantee the ideal conditions for every type of cooking. The electronic control panel is extremely intuitive, easy to program and allows the user to freely set the cooking modes by combining the use of the jog/dial encoder knob, through which all the functions of the oven can be accessed, and the touchscreen mode, by simply “touching” the icons on the panel. Processing the outside information has also become easier, thanks to a USB port, which allows the user to save and upload recipes, update the firmware and use the HACCP data. An innovative, fully automatic, closed-loop cleaning system is available upon request to guarantee optimum hygiene levels in the oven chamber with minimal water consumption, proving that this oven was developed focusing on energy saving and trying to keep operation costs low.

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