On 30 August, the Giorik premises at Sedico (in the province of Belluno) hosted the meeting organised for the sales force of Eberhardt Frères, the company’s long-standing importer for the French market. The meeting revolved around a training workshop on how to use one of Giorik’s main products, the Steambox Evolution oven range, launched in France back in spring. 
The group comprised around twenty people who were given a demonstration of the oven functions by the technical sales team. The team provided a detailed illustration of how the ovens can be used, not least with the aid of practical cooking demonstrations. Andrea De Dea, Giorik’s chef who works on product development, was also joined by chef Morgan Pasqual. At the end of the workshop, he produced a complete menu for the participants, ranging from breads to vegetables, fish and mouth-watering desserts, all made exclusively with the Steambox Evolution.

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