Giorik is embarking on an important partnership with the CONVIVIUM cultural association of Viterbo. An oven from the EVOLUTION range will be used on Saturday 6 May by the skilled hands of Chef Salvo Cravero during his first course dedicated exclusively to “Sous-vide and low temperatures”, which will be held at the association’s “Cucina&Co” cookery school. Chef Cravero is a consultant and trainer for major cookery schools, including the Gambero Rosso Schools in Rome, the Boscolo Etoile Academy in Tuscania and Coquis – the Italian cooking university. An intense day for the members of CONVIVIUM (it is possible to sign up for membership of the association on the actual day of the course itself) where the Chef will reveal all the techniques for getting the best out of sous-vide cooking to participants. It is a professional course which will involve some theory and, of course, plenty of practice. Eight hours of full immersion will cover all the properties of this approach, and how to put it into practice to cook meats, fish and vegetables to best effect. All the basics of sous-vide patisserie techniques will also be explained. Giorik will be playing a decisive role as its equipment, chosen for the CONVIVIUM kitchen by Chef Cravero, is the basic premise for the success of this culinary technique. The Viterbo-based Chef is a solid partner for Giorik who has for some time now been highlighting the functions and potential of the EVOLUTION oven during his cooking classes, stating that it is an outstanding machine which can achieve the best results even with the most innovative and modern techniques, such as sous-vide cooking.

Cooking course: Sous-vide and low temperatures
Teacher: Chef Carlo Cravero
Date: Saturday 6 May 2017

All the course information can be consulted on the association’s website
Or by writing to:
Or by calling: 0761 598068 – 334 29 33 011 – 380 7104244


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