Giorik has sealed yet another major agreement. The ZUSHI restaurant chain, one of the finest purveyors of the Japanese culinary art in Italy, has chosen to fit the kitchens of its venues with Giorik equipment. In particular, ZUSHI is aiming to provide each restaurant, of which there are more than 20 in Italy alone, with a chrome-plated frytop griddle and Giorik’s own fryer. The first installations by dealer Scaligera Grandi Impianti in Verona have been at the Villafranca restaurant in the province of Verona. ZUSHI’s innovative, modern and on-trend dining approach ensures it has long stood out amongst the finest sushi restaurants in Italy. This fully-fledged corner of Japan, in which attention is lavished on every detail, sees wellbeing and an essential style combined for a unique and sophisticated format. It is an experience which goes beyond the pleasure of good food and involves all the senses. Needless to say, the ZUSHI EXPERIENCE turned to the skill and professionalism of Giorik’s appliances to ensure it continues to excel in this crucial segment of the food market. 

Zushi Restaurant chain

Dealer: Scaligera grandi Impianti

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