Giorik is the firm behind the kitchens at Buonamico. Trattoria Buonamico was established in Viareggio in 1901, and today it is the oldest functioning venue in Versilia. The dining rooms of the Buonamico have played host to many illustrious guests: artists of the calibre of Lorenzo Viani, Ceccardo Roccatagliata, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Moses Levy, Enrico Pea, Ermete Zacconi, Ettore Petrolini, Eugenio Montale and Alberto Moravia, to name but a few. Today, the Buonamico is managed with the skill of Leonardo Barsotti, son of Massimo Barsotti, a long-standing restaurateur in Viareggio. The cuisine is typically Tuscan, and the great classics are presented in a new guise: from “cacciucco alla viareggina” (Viareggio-style fish soup) to the dishes made with carpet-shell clams, stuffed mussels, mixed fried fish, “la trabaccolara” (pasta with an assortment of fish and shellfish) to pan-fried sea bream with Vernaccia wine and sweet onions. Dishes positively bursting with genuine Italian culinary flavours, the new take on which is heightened by the guaranteed reliability and quality of Giorik’s kitchen equipment.



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