Osteria di Piazza Litta, Varese.

Osteria di Piazza Litta, Varese.


Overlooking the town of Varese, Osteria di Piazza Litta is set near stunning Villa Panza, an impressive eighteenth-century residence which is part of the FAI (Italian Heritage Fund). The atmosphere in the premises is intimate and welcoming, and the limited capacity is actually one of the restaurant’s strong points: in fact, every attention is lavished on both cuisine and service. The menu changes each month following the seasons, and the raw materials used are strictly organic only. The outstanding ingredients used include organic white asparagus from Cantello, Pannerone Lodigiano cheese, Bòna flour from Val Onsernone in the province of Chieti, grass peas and roveja (field peas) from central Italy, and original Carnaroli rice from the S. Massimo reserve, all of which are products protected by “Slow Food” or with PDO and PGI certification. As of today, the skilled art of combining and cooking with these incredible flavours has also been entrusted to the Giorik Evolution 6-tray level H Oven. The perfect kitchen partner, Giorik also meets the needs of small restaurants that offer outstanding cuisine.

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