Morgan’s Pickled Vegetables

Morgan’s Pickled Vegetables


All five senses are stimulated to full effect when savouring Chef Morgan Pasqual’s renowned vegetable creations preserved in glass jars. It is no coincidence then that “5 Sensi” was the name of the restaurant Chef Morgan ran with his wife Luciana in Malo, the place where this new venture came to life. Morgan likes to call his cuisine "extended territorial cuisine", or rather "territorial fusion". It is simple food in which the craftsmanship that goes into how the ingredients are used, and the careful selection of seasonal produce and suppliers, really do make the difference. In addition to his take away glass jar specialities which can be found in Italy’s finest gourmet stores as well as abroad, Morgan is now also offering his customers catering services of the highest standard for ceremonies, special events, banqueting and a personal restaurant service. His creative cuisine is backed up by Giorik’s quality equipment, the competence and reliability of which help showcase all the latest culinary inventions of Chef Morgan.

La Giardiniera di Morgan

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