L’Avenida Hasselt BELGIUM

L’Avenida Hasselt BELGIUM


Giorik has notched up a new installation at L'Avenida, an unusual restaurant of clear Iberian inspiration located in the heart of the Flemish city of Hasselt (Belgium). The kitchens are in full view, and the chefs at L’Avenida avail of an induction hob from the Unika 900 range, a Kompatto oven and a Hi-Touch Salamander. The Giorik partner which oversaw the fitting work is Elpo Cusinex GHG based in Hasselt itself.

The motto at L’Avenida is: “small dishes great food”, In fact the restaurant’s formula is as modern as it is eye-catching: diners seated comfortably in a semi-circle behind a counter can help themselves to the dishes passing in front of them on a conveyor belt. As a result, in a single meal, diners can sample a variety of flavours, without being tied to the standard three-course meal. A modern, eclectic cuisine which can only be enhanced by the quality and versatility of Giorik equipment.

L'Avenida site

Rovenditore: Elpo

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