The  undeniable reliability and quality of Giorik equipment makes it the first choice for yet another great kitchen, embodying all the excellence that is so quintessentially Italian. Two Hi-Touch salamanders are now installed in one of the world’s most high-class hotels. The Hotel Danieli in Venice needs no introduction, this glorious historic 14th Century building became a hotel in the early 19th Century and promptly became a symbol of the luxury and beauty for which Italian hotels and restaurants are so famous. Over the years it has played host to innumerable celebrated people, Goethe, Proust, Wagner, Dickens and Montale to name but a few. Such elegant surroundings naturally demand an equally gratifying gastronomic experience which guests can enjoy in the sumptuous hotel restaurant Terrazza Danieli, with its stunning view over the Grand Canal, an experience that only the magical city of Venice can provide.

The equipment was installed by the Treviso-based company DFD, Giorik's area dealer.

Danieli Restaurant

Dealer: DFD srl

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