Erica the cook has very special diners: they are as demanding as food critics and don’t miss a thing. She can’t afford to make a mistake or they sulk for days. You've guessed it - they’re children, because Erica is a pre-school cook and has the difficult job of preparing all the children’s delicious favourites, while meeting the healthy eating requirements of parents and nutritionists. It sounds tough, but Erica has two invaluable resources. The first is her ingredients, because Erica sources them locally - especially her vegetables, meat and dairy products – to ensure they are healthy. So, she deserves all the credit for that. Her second resource was already in the school’s kitchen when she arrived:

our top-of-the-range Steambox Evolution H and, given the close proximity of the school to our factory, she was able to attend the training course in person to learn all about the oven’s features. That was when she discovered how the oven makes her job so much easier, allowing her to save precious time by precooking gnocchi and tortellini for instance, proofing pizzas and bread or steam cooking in record time. But, her greatest achievement of them all, she has earned a place in the children’s hearts with her delicious fried food, which is not actually fried!

Her signature dish? Crispy chicken fillets which she soaks in milk for an hour, coats in crushed cornflakes (no egg) and then cooks on non-stick trays with just a drop of oil for about five minutes using the “breaded cutlet” mode (one of the recipes preloaded into the oven’s cookbook).

Erica swears every one of her one hundred diners (pupils and teaching staff) thinks her cutlets are fried. So now our Steambox Evolution H has the seal of approval of children too.

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