CONVIVIO DI HERA, Capocolonna (Crotone)

CONVIVIO DI HERA, Capocolonna (Crotone)


Giorik has installed new equipment at Convivio di Hera (Crotone). This elegant restaurant was named after the majestic Doric temple dating to the fourth century B.C., erected nearby in honour of the greatest female divinity of the Greek Olympia, the venerable Hera. Today, only a single column on the cliff is left to bear witness to that ancient world. Hence the present-day name of the headland: Capocolonna (meaning “Column Headland”). Calabria has long been a land steeped in history and culture, not least of the culinary variety. An explosion of Mediterranean flavours is in fact packed into the dishes served at Convivio di Hera, where the finest fresh fish is accompanied by seasonal produce farmed on the generous land. Convivio often plays host to lunches and dinners for important ceremonies such as weddings and other events. Even with these sizeable workloads, Giorik’s equipment manages to meet the demands for outstanding quality and excellent performance required of the kitchen. Convivio opted for a Steambox Evolution 10 GN 2/1. The fitting was carried out by AB Brunetti of Crotone, Giorik’s area dealer.

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