CIRCLE K - Egypt

CIRCLE K - Egypt


With 25,000 stores worldwide, Circle K is an American franchise which offers customers a delicious selection of comfort food from breakfast onwards. In Egypt since 2015, Circle K has more than 100 branches in major cities and busy locations throughout the country, with different formats depending on the location and size of the store. Irrespective of the type of store, the Circle K philosophy is to satisfy the needs of on-the-go customers, serving a variety of fresh, tasty products any time of the day, with breakfast pastries and sandwiches two of its strongest lines. To ensure customers always find what they want, it has chosen our EasyAir ovens which, thanks to their double fitments GN 1/1 and EN 600x400 (with a 74 mm space between trays) which can be exchanged for EN 600x400 fitments with an 80 mm space, are ideal for baking croissants and crispy bread whenever they’re needed.

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