CHOSEN RESTAURANT, Terracina (Latina)

CHOSEN RESTAURANT, Terracina (Latina)


CHOSEN RESTAURANT is located in the old town of Terracina, in the Agro Pontino area. It is a short distance from the Circeo, the epic headland where Ulysses, amongst others, first docked before falling under the spell of Circe the Sorceress. Dishes not to be missed on the menu include the outstanding "Che barba che noia", which combines the intense flavour of squid with crunchy fennel, all served alongside fresh clementines and delicious Gaeta olives: a dish packed with flavour. 

For his premises, Vincenzo Cima, chef and owner of CHOSEN, opted for the experience and quality of Giorik equipment. He had the UNIKA hob equipment installed, along with a pasta cooker, fry top and fryers: everything needed to turn out culinary masterpieces. 


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