25-26-27 September 2018 ESPACIO F&S, SANTIAGO

25-26-27 September 2018 ESPACIO F&S, SANTIAGO


Right from its very first edition in 2011, ESPACIO Food&Service instantly became a reference point in international Ho.Re.Ca. trade fairs.

ESPACIO F&S 2018 will once again be held at ESPACIO RIESCO, the biggest trade fair complex in the Chilean capital. This year, it aims to exceed the 20,000 attendance mark in the course of the three-day event.

The presence of Giorik at ESPACIO F&S (in conjunction with IMAHE S.A., its area distributor) underscores the vital business ties linking the Italian company with South America, and with Chile in particular. For many years now, Giorik has been consolidating its presence in this strategic market. Chile has in fact achieved a human development rate, pro capita GDP, level of economic growth and quality of life which puts in the top spots for Latin America (its HDI or Human Development Index ranks higher than Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Brazil) and entrepreneurial fields, including hospitality and catering, are experiencing constant growth.

Espacio Food&Service

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