UW ZUSTER - Belgium

UW ZUSTER - Belgium


After 25 years in hospitality, Dimi, the owner of Uw Zuster, decided to open his own place in Hasselt - in the province of Limburg, Belgium - where diners would feel welcome, pampered and entertained. Because for Dimi, hospitality means first and foremost fun and quality, a place where you can leave your worries at the door.

His idea of “fun” also extends to the menu, where there isn’t the usual distinction between starters and mains, just dishes you can mix and match or share with friends if you want. The aim is to have a good time and this is reflected in the restaurant’s brightly coloured, quirky décor.

Uw Zuster serves mainly traditional Belgian fare, but every day the menu features Italian specialties cooked up by the chef, like gnocchi, lasagne and baked aubergine parmigiana. This taste of Italy - a great success with diners - is also found in the equipment which Dimi has chosen for the kitchen: our compact, ultra-smart Minitouch oven, the perfect size for the limited space available and the number of diners the restaurant caters for.

The equipment was installed by our Belgian partner, Elpo Cusinex.


  Retailer Elpo Cusinex


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