TRATTORIA FALCONI, Ponteranica, Bergamo.

TRATTORIA FALCONI, Ponteranica, Bergamo.


Giorik has notched up a new installation in the kitchens of Trattoria Falconi in Bergamo. The restaurant was founded 1963 just a stone’s throw from Bergamo, and to this day it is still managed by the Falconi family. Owners and brothers Marco and Giorgio Falconi strive to offer local gastronomic delicacies but with a lively, innovative take. The meat dishes stand out on the menu, such as the “la Fiorentina del Falconi” (the Falconi T-Bone steak) and the selections of appetizers which include deli meats, mushrooms and cheeses (with over 70 types available). For this outstanding cuisine, the choice of the Falconi brothers fell to an oven from the Evolution range, a top-end product which will allow them to continue to follow the traditional course plotted over 50 years ago, but with modern performance standards.  The fitting was carried out by Dama of Bergamo, Giorik’s area partner.

Site: Trattoria falconi

Fitter: Dama Forniture

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