THE AFICIONADOS - Thessaloniki

THE AFICIONADOS - Thessaloniki


Giorik takes its place in the kitchen of the prestigious THE AFICIONADOS, elected one of the top 25 luxury restaurants in Greece in 2019 by the well-respected “Luxury Lifestyle Awards”. Located in Thessaloniki in a historical neoclassical building in Art Deco style, the restaurant overlooks the bay of Kalamaria, one of the most typical of its kind in the Greek region of Macedonia. At THE AFICIONADOS everything is designed to deliver a unique culinary experience, an unforgettable journey into the flavours and refined atmospheres which the multi-award winning chef Dimitris Pampori serves up for his guests. The elegant gourmet cuisine favours traditional Greek dishes revisited with a modern, international twist. The menus are a tribute to fine dining and good living, with dishes that delight the senses of even the most discerning palates. And so it comes as no surprise to now find the superior quality of Giorik in the kitchen, taking its tradition of excellence to even greater heights.

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