Osteria Tre Gobbi, Bergamo

Osteria Tre Gobbi, Bergamo


Osteria 3 Gobbi is one of the oldest restaurants in Bergamo, and now it has chosen Giorik as its reliable partner to work alongside its chefs. The horizontal Unika hob and an oven from the MAGNIFICO range are at the disposal of Marco Ceruti, the restaurant’s owner, and his staff. Marco’s cuisine has always had a traditional, down-to-earth approach, although he also experiments with lesser known, more modern gastronomic paths. The venue’s excellence was also recently  proclaimed by Chef Alessandro Borghese in an episode of “4 Ristoranti”, a long-running cooking contest with a primetime slot on Sky, which featured Osteria 3 Gobbi as one of the venues taking part in the challenge. An outstanding acknowledgement for Marco and his staff, who have accordingly seen their work and boundless passion for the culinary arts rewarded. From now on, these values will also be supported by the quality of Giorik. The fitting was carried out by Dama of Bergamo.

Osteria Tre Gobbi

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Osteria Tre Gobbi: 4 ristoranti

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