OPERBACCO - OSTERIA VINERIA, Travagliato (Brescia)

OPERBACCO - OSTERIA VINERIA, Travagliato (Brescia)


A restaurant established just over ten years ago, where diners can still relish the authentic, exquisite atmosphere of noble nineteenth-century estates: this is Operbacco. The venue was created inside an old farmhouse which was entirely restored. The two stunning halls, with bare vaulted ceilings and white marble columns, are designed to host a total of 60 diners. The food reflects Brescia’s traditional cuisine: a vast selection of deli meats and typical cheeses, homemade pasta and particular emphasis on grilled meats. The unique flavours of this area can be further showcased by the chefs at Operbacco, now they can avail of the performance offered by Giorik’s Steambox Evolution HIGH EFFICIENCY BOILER oven: speed, efficiency, energy savings and quality steam are all brought together to achieve an inimitable result in the kitchens. The fitting was carried out by Azeta Bar of Brescia, Giorik’s area dealer.

Restaurant site Dealer: AzetaBar Brescia

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