House by Kubrick, Cityplaza Hong Kong

House by Kubrick, Cityplaza Hong Kong


A new Giorik oven has recently been installed in the kitchens at House by Kubrick, an elegant literary Café located at Cityplaza, one of the largest shopping centres on the island of Hong Kong. The very name House by Kubrick itself gives insight into the venue’s identity: cinema and art in general are expressed, and indeed available for customers to use. The Café’s specialities can be enjoyed amidst the comfortable setting, whilst at the same time taking in the art exhibitions displayed in the café. Customers can also read a book, or perhaps even enjoy a film shown in the designated room inside the venue itself. The culinary delights on the menu at House by Kubrick include its standout patisserie products: the reputation of the special breads made with chocolate precedes them, and the pastries are all handmade.

It is a delight for eyes and palate alike, and one that Giorik’s quality will help ensure is truly outstanding. The fitting was carried out by Pacific Foodservice Equipment Co.Ltd., Giorik’s importer for the Hong Kong, China and Macao area.

House by Kubrick


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