Hotel Ease, Hong Kong

Hotel Ease, Hong Kong


Giorik equipment has recently been installed in the totally open kitchen of the Hotel Ease, located in the 22-storey Ban Thong Building which stands out against the skyline of the Tsuen Wan District in Hong Kong.

The chefs at the Hotel Ease now have a complete range of Giorik equipment to meet all their cooking needs: two ovens from the Steambox Evolution line, two Unika 900 fryers, two induction hobs from the Unika 700 line, a fry top and a Hi-touch salamander, all installed by Pacific Foodservice Equipment Co.Ltd., Giorik’s Hong Kong importer.

Favourites among the guests of the 160 rooms of the Hotel Ease are the breakfasts, brunches and dinners when they can relax and enjoy some fine dining before or after a hectic day at work. Thanks to the quality of the Giorik equipment, the many international dishes prepared by the chefs at the Ease will be a huge success.

Hotel Ease

Importer: Pfec

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