Hof Van Gan Centre, Genk Belgium

Hof Van Gan Centre, Genk Belgium


A new Giorik kitchen has been installed at the Hof Van Gan Centre, a residential facility for the elderly located near the charming “French Forest”, in the suburbs of the Flemish town of Genk. The fitting carried out by Elpo Cusinex of Hasselt includes an oven from the Steambox Evolution range, and a horizontal unit from the Unika range comprising a bratt pan, saucepans, an electric cooker, pasta cooker and fryer. The Hof Van Gan Centre does not follow the traditional rest home approach, but instead offers elderly people the chance to live in its pleasant apartments. Any of the guests staying in the 88 homes can use the common services if they wish to, including the kitchen itself. “Gran Cafè” is the name chosen for the facility’s restaurant, whose themed and ethnic dinners are the most keenly-awaited amongst the guests. The contribution guaranteed by outstanding quality Giorik equipment is once again proving vital when it comes to making food that is delicious and healthy at the same time.

Hof Van Gan

Dealer: Elpo

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