Giorik’s superior quality equipment has been installed in the kitchens of the Hotel Olympia, located in the ancient Peloponnesian town by the same name, and which saw the birth of the Olympic Games almost 3,000 years ago. Set in a green landscape dotted with olive groves, the hotel complex offers guests the chance to enjoy a stay in an area which resembles an open-air museum.  Stunning sites worth visiting include the Temple of Era, one of the most ancient Doric temples of all (dating back to 600 B.C.) and other buildings in the area of the Temple of Zeus, the divinity to whom the Games were dedicated. Last but not least is the legendary Stadium of Olympia, the oldest known to mankind. All this magnificence is just waiting to be savoured, as is the delicious Greek cuisine served at the OLYMPIA, a hotel which is part of the Amalia group. Giorik supplied its equipment to the Athens Amalia Hotel, and the collaboration between the Italian company and the Greek hotel chain has since continued.  In this case, too, the installation of an EasyAir oven in the kitchens was carried out by Athens-based ULTIMATE KITCHEN.

Hotel Olympia

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