The range consists of 4 mechanically controlled models.
The innovative feature of this range is that it is so simple to use, keeping the cooking and regenerating stages completely separate, making each and every professional kitchen better organised and more flexible. Each control has been designed to be intuitive and easy to operate, making the appliance accessible to all the kitchen staff.

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Fan-driven regeneration ovens make it possible to bring food previously cooked and chilled back up to serving temperature.

• Regeneration from positive (+2°C) or negative (-18°C) temperatures.
• HACCP food safety and hygiene: the inner probe makes it possible to bring food products to a temperature of over 65°C with great precision.
• Automatic system for adding moisture to food to be regenerated.
• The regeneration chamber of floor-standing models can be used in combination with chilling and oven trolleys.
• Programs for regeneration and holding phases can be saved.
• Adjustable fan speed.


Compared to a conventional oven, the heat inside the cooking chamber is maintained at a more constant temperature thanks to the insulated blind door producing a notable reduction in heat loss. A controlled stream-emission system makes it possible to hold and reheat food naturally also aided by the programmable alternating fan rotation system, which can be set according to the type of dish and its cooking needs.


Both the electronically and mechanically controlled versions have extremely simple, intuitive controls making the appliances accessible to all members of the kitchen staff. This means that the chef is free to concentrate on preparing and cooking each dish because reheating operations can be performed by other personnel.

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