The range consists of models with electronic and programmable electronic controls.
The insulated blind door ensures that the cooking chamber maintains a constant temperature, eliminating the heat loss problems encountered with glass doors. This system brings the food up to temperature evenly, thanks not only to the controlled release of steam but also to the fans that rotate in alternate directions and which can be programmed for different kinds of dishes.

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Static holding ovens heated by electric elements make it possible to keep pre-prepared food at the correct serving temperature.

• HACCP food safety and hygiene: Giorik holding ovens ensure that food is held at a temperature of between 60°C and 90°C.
• Easy to transport and install: Giorik holding ovens are lightweight, just plug them into the power and they’re ready to go.


User-friendly solutions include holding ovens fitted with DRAWERS, two small-scale models are easy to position below the work surface. The drawers designed to take GN 1/1 trays with a maximum height of 150mm, are easier to manoeuvre than the door, making food handling easier.


Compared to a conventional oven, the heat inside the cooking chamber is maintained at a more constant temperature thanks to the insulated blind door producing a notable reduction in heat loss. A controlled stream-emission system makes it possible to hold and reheat food naturally also aided by the programmable alternating fan rotation system, which can be set according to the type of dish and its cooking needs.


Both the electronically and mechanically controlled versions have extremely simple, intuitive controls making the appliances accessible to all members of the kitchen staff. This means that the chef is free to concentrate on preparing and cooking each dish because reheating operations can be performed by other personnel.

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