Deep fryers used in patisseries require special technical and structural features that are quite different fromt hose used for gastronomy. Giorik patisserie fryers fit this bill perfectly with their ample cooking surface, among the largest on the market, and shallow tank. These features ensure that individual items are fried evenly with no overlapping, whether these are small delicate pastries or larger ones such as puffs, doughnuts and fritters.

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This range consists of 2 gas models, available in two versions: Standard and Melting. The MELTING version has electronic temperature control programmed for gradual and intermittent heating, for greater precision and productivity.


The extensive but shallow cooking area has an ample cool zone at the bottom to collect residues. This means that the oil remains clean for much longer, producing lighter, more digestible fried food.


The oil is drained off through a tap mounted on the collection tank and complete with filter.


The heat is delivered by high performance burners in nickel-plated cast iron, protected by a removable chrome-plated grille. The temperature is controlled thermostatically, up to 190°C, while a safety thermostat set at 230°C prevents overheating.

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