Solid top hobs

Unika solid top hobs can be placed on top of an open base unit or a gas or electric oven. The centrally located single heating element produces different temperature zones on the plate, with the greatest concentration of heat in the centre, for more rapid cooking, while the cooler outer parts can be used for gentler cooking or just to keep food warm.


• Steel unit
• Plate thickness 1.2mm
• Work surface adjustable from 850 to 900mm
• Shaped instrument panel with controls tilted toward the operator
• Extra-thick radiant plate for even heat distribution
• Heated by electric elements (electric models)
• Heated by a high-power burner able to reach a temperature of 500°C at the centre of the plate (gas versions)
• Height-adjustable stainless steel feet
• Open unit versions: open steel unit
• Models on an electric oven: electric oven base in steel, static electric oven, heated by upper and lower elements that can be adjusted independently, thermostat for temperature control from 100°C to 330°C, four-position switch, safety cut-out thermostat, 6kW oven power, warning light to check the appliance is working properly, height-adjustable stainless steel feet.
• Gas oven models: gas oven base in steel, gas oven with thermostat valve for adjusting temperature from 100°C to 330°C, stabilised flame burner complete with pilot light, safety cut-out and piezoelectric ignition.

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