Induction hobs

Induction hobs from the Unika range have a cooking surface in glass-ceramic with independently controlled cooking zones. The heat is generated by the induction effect provoked by contact between the cooking surface and a pan made of ferromagnetic material. Because the heat is generated directly in the cooking pan there is no heat loss from the transfer of the heat from its source to the bottom of the pan, thus reducing cooking times and keeping the working environment cooler.


• External parts of the unit in die-stamped AISI 304 stainless steel
• Cooking surface in glass-ceramic fitted into the load-bearing unit
• Digital controls fitted under the glass-ceramic surface
• Double spiral inductor, diameter 180mm and 280mm, with automatic selection or manual operation for the use of the single inductor
• 99 minute timer with warning light and signal at the end of the programmed cooking cycle. Hob switches off automatically.
• Glass-ceramic control panel with “soft touch” technology showing inductor selection, manual power setting (+/-), programmed setting for power and timer control
• Stainless steel height-adjustable feet

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