Unika offers a wide range of both gas and electric fryers. Gas fryer tanks are available in two versions: with external or internal heat exchangers. All models are available also in the melting version with electronic temperature control.


• Steel unit with anti-spill top surface shaped to hold baskets
• Die-stamped cooking tank capable of holding baskets up to 1/1 GN, in AISI 316L
chrome-nickel-molybdenum stainless steel (specifically to resist salt), with ample space for starch to expand and rounded corners for optimum cleaning
• Height-adjustable steel feet
• Water fill direct to tank through fixed spout
• Water emptied through a ball valve on the unit
• Gas models heated by high-performance stainless steel burners placed below the bottom of the tank. Piezoelectric ignition. Interchangeable nozzles for the most common types of gas.
• Electric model with high-performance plated stainless steel heating elements.

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