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The Unika griddles are available with smooth or ribbed plates, and single or twin-module versions The twin-module versions have two separate cooking zones allowing you to grill different foods - like meat, fish, eggs and cheese - at the same time without mixing their flavours.
Griddle plates are also available in Chromium version which gives a non-stick effect to the cooking surface.
This coating allows you to cook without using oil or butter maintaining the original flavours of dishes, thus offering consumers the chance to enjoy a healthier diet.


• External covering and cooking surface in steel
• Height-adjustable steel feet
• Cooking plates in polished steel or with a special hard shiny chrome covering
• Raised splash guards in steel
• Removable steel fat collector
• Control knobs do not project beyond the working surface to avoid accidental collisions
• Gas models: heated by stabilised flame burners controlled by taps with safety cut-out thermostat. Temperature can be adjusted from 100 to 300°C. Manual re-arm safety feature
• Electric version: heated by plated Incoloy elements in direct contact with the cooking plate, thermostatically controlled adjustable from 100 to 300 °C. Additional manual re-arm safety feature
• Double controls in the full module models to operate the two cooking zones independently.

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