Ceramic glass hobs

Unika glass-ceramic hobs take an amazingly short time to get up to temperature in the utmost safety. The concentric infra-red heating elements, divided into two heating zones, are positioned under the glass-ceramic surface with a hermetic water-tight seal for easier cleaning and to prevent the infiltration of food residue which can be hazardous. The temperature can be adjusted by a power control knob.


• Steel unit
• Plate thickness 1.2 mm
• 6mm glass-ceramic cooking surface
• 2 (or 4) 2.1kW independent cooking zones
• The heated zones are bounded by outlines printed on the glass
• Warning light to check the appliance is working properly
• Models on an electric oven: electric oven base in steel, static electric oven, heated by upper and lower elements that can be adjusted independently, thermostat for temperature control from 100°C to 330°C, four-position switch, safety cut-out thermostat, warning light to check the appliance is working properly, height-adjustable stainless steel feet.

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