Boiling pans

The Unika boiling pans are available in direct and indirect heating versions. In the indirect heating versions jacket pressure is regulated by a safety valve and analog gauge. The pan is filled by a swivel tap and emptied by a chrome-plated brass tap with large handle. Autoclave system (0.05 bar) is available upon request.


• All steel outer covering and support structure
• 2 mm thick surface
• Height-adjustable steel feet
• Boiling tank with rounded corners and edges
• Tank filled by swivel tap
• Spring balance type lid
• Tank emptied through a 2" chrome-plated tap with large handle
• In the electric models: heated by plated elements in Incoloy 800 alloy, fitted inside the jacket cavity
• In the gas models: heated by high-performance steel burners
• In indirect models: the jacket cavity pressure is regulated by a safety valve, 0.5 bar, and an analogue gauge
• Funnel tap for topping up liquid in the jacket cavity

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