Gallery of Innovation -  Poznań

Gallery of Innovation - Poznań


Gallery of Innovation -  Poznań

26-29 September 2016

Ho.Re.Ca comes together in Poznań.

Giorik will be taking part with its equipment in Poznań’s International Gastronomy Fair “POLAGRA GASTRO 2016”, in the exclusive Gallery of Innovation. It is a venue which is playing host to the top Ho.Re.Ca companies, namely all those industries which have invested most in research and development in order to turn out increasingly innovative, high-performing products. 

Gallery of Innovation came about as the result of a joint venture between Lorien Group of Poznań, Giorik’s partner for the Polish market, and MTP (the International Fair Grounds at Poznań), a leader in the Central and Eastern European Fair sector. The aim of the project’s inventors was to offer Ho.Re.Ca. stakeholders a container featuring the finest solutions the industrial equipment market can offer for their businesses. In other words, machines for catering whose performance, cooking technology, flexibility, speed, reliability and safety ensure they stand out. 

Giorik was naturally included amongst the guest companies in the Gallery of Innovation and to mark the occasion it will be presenting three of its creations:

the new Kompatto oven, the Giorik salamander and Giorik’s Rooster-Booster.

The event is scheduled to be held in Poznań from 26 to 29 September, at Poznań International Fair Ltd, hall 6A – stand 25.

Gallery of Innovation (with Giorik presentation)


MTP (Poznań fairs):

Lorien Group: Giorik’s partner in Poland

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