EXPOCOOK 2020, Fiera Del Mediterraneo. Palermo 25-28 February 2020

EXPOCOOK 2020, Fiera Del Mediterraneo. Palermo 25-28 February 2020


Giorik is set to visit astounding Palermo, a city steeped in culture, charm and history dating back thousands of years. In his well-known essay entitled “Italian Journey”, Famed German writer and poet Goethe described Palermo as “the most stunning place in the world”. Palermo is not just about baroque and rococo architecture and spectacular natural Mediterranean sights; in Palermo, food is an art form, too.  Whether it’s so-called street foods, with iconic examples such as arancini rice balls, panelle chickpea fritters, brioches filled with ice-cream, granita ices and cannoli pastry rolls filled with candied fruit cream, or sumptuous meals consumed in the city’s traditional restaurants, in Palermo everything culinary is permeated with tradition and taste. Over the centuries, successive dominations came to enrich local cuisine, infusing it with unique aromas and delicacies. This is the stage which is being set for EXPOCOOK 2020, the largest fair for the catering trade in the south of Italy, due to take place at Palermo’s Fiera Del Mediterraneo fairgrounds. Giorik will be taking part in the event alongside GLOVI GROUP, its business partner based in Palermo.

Expocook 2020

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