OzonePastry&Co Bakery – “Altanon” shopping centre, Feltre (BL)

OzonePastry&Co Bakery – “Altanon” shopping centre, Feltre (BL)


When passion for innovative baking is combined with an appreciation of the local area and its products, the result is bound to be sweet and unique. The Ozone bakery was opened by Roberto Colle, owner of the exclusive Villa Clizia restaurant (BL) who, thanks to pastry chef Federico Dalle Mule and his staff, offers his customers a sensational sweet experience.

But the pastry chefs need the right equipment to ensure the bakery’s offerings are always of the highest standard. This is where Giorik comes in, the ideal partner to make this happen. OzonePastry&Co chose the SteamBox Evolution R for its kitchen, Giorik’s top-of-the-range and highly versatile direct injection oven with a 7” touch-screen control panel. 

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