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Bake off, steam, bake off with steam in combination mode. Bake off with humidification or dehumidification. Cook with core probe, re-thermalize and hold in temperature. These are the Magnifico’s functions, an oven line which is suitable to take either gastronorm  or confectionery size shelves and containers.


Magnifico is available in two versions: with an electromechanical control or with an electronic programmable board. The latter is supplied with a brand new panel with user-friendly controls.
The electronic board allows to store up to 99 recipes that can be uploaded through a USB device, set programmes with 9 cooking phases, control humidity degree inside the oven chamber, set four different fan speed, cook with core probe and in low heat mode with delta T option.


• Cooking chamber with rounded corners to assure maximum hygiene and cleaning possibility
• Adjustable height of the feet
• Internal pair of grids support, removable and replaceable, having different gap between grids of 74 mm
• Door with wide glass surface
• “Air channel” for the external glass ventilation, that further limits the temperature on the external surface.


Humidity tuner, the perfect climatic habitat.
The single humidity control system, fitted to Magnifico ovens, makes it possible to constantly monitor the climatic situation inside the cooking chamber and to quickly take action to always maintain the right degree of humidity.

Washing system

Available on request, an innovative washing system, completely automatic, which ensures utmost cooking chamber hygiene with very limited water consumption.

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