In the modern catering and food service sector, there is a capital element to be taken into account: space organisation. Space has been getting smaller and smaller in order to reduce operational costs. To address requires a new way of thinking about a product: multi-function, efficient, space saving. In one word: KOMPATTO.

Available in three versions:
KH-Touch screen with boiler
KT-Touch screen with instant steam generation
KP-Programmable with instant steam generation

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Smart steam - With Kompatto product, the boiler integration is achieved through the uniqueness of Giorik’s patent system combined with the optimum dimensions of a high-efficiency boiler.

MORE FOR LESS: Gas oven with boiler only 519mm wide.
HIGH-PERFORMANCE: High-performance premixed burner system.
LOWER CONSUMPTION: High-efficiency boiler.
INTUITIVE: User-friendly touchscreen controls.
INTERNATIONAL: Multilingual version available.
PROGRAMMABLE: With over 100 pre-loaded recipes.


The humidity control system fitted to Kompatto ovens makes it possible to constantly monitor the climatic conditions inside the cooking chamber and adjust, as required, to maintain the proper degree of humidity. Proprietary software analyses reference parameters in the cooking chamber and modulates the steam environment to ensure ideal conditions for any kind of cooking.

Steam Tuner

STEAM TUNER, QUALITY STEAM TUNING - Kompatto ovens allow you to determine both the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of the steam in the cooking chamber. The patent pending Steam Tuner system allows the user to adjust the degree of steam hydration to the precise level of dryness or humidity depending on the type of cooking desired.


Right/left hinged door - Kompatto offers either right or left door openings. Even after installation, a unit can be changed by replacing the existing door with an opposite swing configured door.
Doors, built entirely from 304 AISI, allow for easy access to the inner glass, which promotes easy cleaning. Low emission glass reduces temperatures of the exterior door surface and via heat dispersion, increases the intrinsic thermal efficiency of the oven.
Easy access to all electric and electromechanical components is achieved by removing the front control panel which allows for oven inspection without disconnecting any water or drain connections.


TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL - Kompatto with touch screen controls is available in two versions which differ in the way steam is produced:
KH - Combined system boiler + instant (Giorik patent): it integrates a high-efficiency boiler with steam generated by instant mode.
KT - With instant steam generation system: water is vaporized onto heater elements.

PROGRAMMABLE CONTROL PANEL - In the programmable version of Kompatto ovens “P” the steam is generated in INSTANT mode.


Washing system - Automatic washing system of the oven chamber is available upon request as an option. This innovative system features 3 washing programs based on specific needs: soft, normal and hard. Detergent is automatically injected and the system switches off automatically when washing cycle is finished.
Hand shower can be requested as an option.

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